Everything you need to know about Parking on Campus!

If you need to park on campus, Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services is the place to be!

There are NO PARKING GRACES! You must have your permit/temporary permit displayed at all times or pay at meters.

Permits for September will be available for purchase starting the middle of July.

To Order A Permit On-Line:

Avoid the long line ups at our office and go to www.parking.uoguelph.ca and purchase a permit on-line! Click on “Buy a Permit” button. Log in using your U of G central login and password. Follow steps carefully to purchase your permit and click only once! If you are having issues logging in please email questions@parking.uoguelph.ca  we may need to set up an account for you.  Guest Accounts do not give you access to permits.

Permits Available On-Line:

Commuting Students:

Annual Permits ($753.39)
Annual 2 Semester Permit ($502.26)
Fall or Winter Commuting Permits ($251.13)
Auxiliary Permit P18 & P13 ($564.77)
Monthly Commuting Permits ($62.78) ***NEW
Daily Permits ($10.00) *** NEW

These permits allow you to park in Black/Orange Areas except Auxiliary permits (valid in P18/P13 only).

Residence Students:

2 Semester Residence Permit ($333.20)
Fall or Winter Residence Permits ($166.60)
Monthly Residence Permits ($41.65) *** NEW
Daily Permits ($10.00) ***NEW

These permits allow you to park in Blue Areas (P13, P17, P18 and P19 only).

Additional Permits Available Only In-Office:

Visitor Booklets -10 passes per booklet ($86.30)
Visitor Booklets – 5 passes per booklet ($43.15)
(All prices include applicable taxes)

Information on Parking Services including a campus map, F.A.Q. & Parking Regulations can be found at: www.parking.uoguelph.ca. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at (519) 824–4120 x52118 or email questions@parking.uoguelph.ca 

Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services