Getting Involved in Residence

When you arrive on campus in September, it will not take long to find out that there are many ways to get involved in your residence community! As there are many avenues to pursue in becoming an active residence student, it is up to you to choose your own level of involvement!

There are a number of different groups within residence that plan events designed to build community within your residence hall. Residence Assistants organize events specifically aimed towards your ‘section’, the area you share with anywhere from 25-50 other students. These events encompass a variety of different themes, and can be anything from section dinners, to movie nights, to trips the local Farmer’s Market. Residence Assistants look to the members of their community to get ideas for events and often for help in organizing and running them! If you’re interested, there’s always an opportunity to make something you’re excited about happen in your community!

Interhall Council is another group that offers a variety of ways for you to get involved in your residence community. Each residence building has a specific Hall Council that runs weekly meetings and events for their hall. You can get involved by attending meetings, becoming a representative for your section or just going out to the events that council organizes!

It’s really up to you to choose your level of involvement in res! The residence experience is entirely what you make of it; the more active you are within your community, the more memories you will make for years to come!

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